FS: Tacoma Steelies

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Apr 14, 2009
Rock Hill SC
I bought these for my trailer, but decided to go with something else.

They are off a 2009 Tacoma 4x4. 16x7, 6 on 5.5

I only have 3 center caps.

Looking to get what I paid $125.00 for all 4

I will be down at San Diego Trux Friday night picking up my truck from John, if someone in that area wants them.


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May be interested. Let me do a little research on backspacing. Do you happen to know what it is? Do you have the lug nuts?
Yep, I have the lug nuts. I'm not sure of the BS, If your thinking of running them on your rig, guys on here have run them and I've read that they clear the calipers.

I'll have to pass for now. Need to figure out the direction I want to go with rims and tires.

From my limited research, I think these are 5.5" BS. Could very well be wrong though.
No problem, from what I have read on the Tacoma World forum and my measurements compared to the OEM LC wheel, I get 5.25 BS.....but I too could be wrong.

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