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Jan 13, 2007
Fraser Valley, British Columbia
Hey Islanders; posting this for Bob who contacted me at Coastal Cruisers.... no affiliation just posting FS ad for him:

From Bob's e-mail:

The LC is kind of in rough condition but not really. From what I know it’s only a two owner vehicle. It started life in the US, the original owner gave it to his son, here in Canada.

The LC is solid with no rust, however is does have some minor sheet metal damage on the right front and left rear. Any gear head with some basic body working skills would have no problem fixing the damage in his own shop. There are no parts required to repair the collision damage.

When I was asked to see about selling the LC it had not run for quite a few months, battery was dead. Once charged up the truck started up right away, with no blue buffs of smoke, good valve seals and the engine sounds solid. The down side, there is an exhaust leak coming from the exhaust manifold area, It could be just a manifold gasket, upper pipe gasket or a cracked manifold. I have no idea if this model is prone to cracked manifolds or not. As mentioned it has been sitting for awhile, there does not appear to be any oil leaking or oil stains on the driveway.

The interior is average for the year. The leather seats show signs of wear but did clean up nicely. The drivers seat and steering wheel are the two problems, they are trash. There is a tear to the rear of the left back seat rest. A good vinyl/leather repair person would be able to fix it. The carpet is dirty and stained, however, I think it would do better with a good steam cleaning. It does come with the two rear jump seats, we just didn’t put them in for the pictures. I haven’t seen them up close so I do not know what condition they are in. I’m assuming based on the rear seat condition, they will be good.

All the power options work except for the power antenna. I did not check the heated seats so I can’t say for sure if they work. It has brand new Goodyear Wrangles, I didn’t measure the tread but you can still see the nubs on the side tread.

Note, some of the interior pics were taken before I cleaned and vacuumed the inside.
Feel free to post the pics and description below on your forum.

1997 Landcruiser 4X4 Collector Addition (US model)
6cyl gas engine/ automatic trans
158,657 Miles or 255,279 Kms
New Goodyear Wrangles
Pwr, locks, mirrors, seats, windows, antenna (not functioning), sunroof
Tinted glass
Leather seats, heated. Rear jump seats
OEM security system
Aftermarket CD player, with OEM speakers
Running boards
The usual door dings and paint chips for a 23 year old vehicle. The c/c is starting to show wear on the hood and parts of the roof. The C/C on the rims is basically gone and the aluminum has corrosion spots on it. But who keeps the stock rims these days.

That’s it in a nut shell. Again, thank you very much in helping me/us with this. Also, thank you for the offer to come and look at it, however the LC and I are in Nanaimo.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Asking $6500

Contact me or Bob with questions: marocchi at shaw dot ca






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