Front wheel wobble

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Jul 3, 2016
Fort Collins, Colorado
My front driver's side wheel is wobbly all of a sudden. Has anyone experienced this/does anyone know how to fix it? It does not cause my steering wheel to shake violently or anything but it is very noticeable.
what kinda wobble?

my 1st thought would be to adjust the wheel bearings.
Lift that side of the axle.
Put it on a Jack stand, and grab the wheel at the 12, and 6 o'clock positions and pull one side out and other side in. If you got any play you need to open up that axle, and at the very least check those wheel bearings and tighten everything up.

When was the last time that able was serviced?

I figured it was a wheel bearing. I don't have records of it being serviced. The truck is relatively new to me. I will jack it up tonight and see what I find. Thanks guys!
Check the wheel bearings very carefully. Check the cages extremely well. There shouldn't be a lot of slop between the rollers and cages. Just a little rattle. It's the cages you're worried about. Once a wheel starts wobbling due to loose bearings it can play hell on the cages. They are much more fragile than the rollers and are the cause of bearing failure.
Checked out the wheel bearing tonight and I had negligible play. I spun the wheel while it was in the air and it looks as if the wheel itself is slightly bent. Looks like it's time for a new wheel :bang:
It does seem unlikely, however I am trying not to rule anything out. They are negative offset and very wide. It seems possible that they could have caught a root or rock on the outside edge and bent just enough.
I am going to move this wheel to the rear tonight and see if the problem continues in the front.

also check the knuckle studs to make sure they are tight.

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