Front sway bar bushings

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Jan 22, 2022
san rafael
I have an 04 GX with KDSS and ordered poly bushings for the front sway bar. The brackets and bushings are formed with an angle and a groove but I didn’t see any options for that when I ordered the bushings. Energy suspension only has one set listed which is what I got and they look like standard sway bar bushings meant to be used with smooth brackets. What went wrong here?


I took a quick look on Energy's website and it seems like they might not offer them. Moog and others do offer KDSS bushings, however (per Rock Auto).

I have Energy bushings (non-KDSS) and really don't like them that much. They make a lot of creaking noises off-road. I would recommend buying a set of rubber bushings instead (mine will eventually get replaced with rubber), either OEM or aftermarket.
That bushing need to flex a lot. Polyurethane is wrong application for this.

I got replacement from rockauto 3 years ago. I need to replace it again soon. They are pretty affordable at that time. Maybe OEM are not that much either.

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