Front Rotor and Hub Separation

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Cruiser Jimmy

Sep 15, 2004
Western Slope, CO
I'm doing the front brake update grade per the FAQ. New calipers - rotors and master cylinder.
I'm having trouble separating the front rotor and hub assembly. I have taken the two bolts that secure the rotor to the hub off that are located on the back of the hub. They will not separate from each other!!!!

Any experience with rusted junk? What did you do before you through a wrench at the drywall??????????:mad:
You have to remove all the wheel studs. the studs pass through the disc and press into the wheel hub. You can use a press or a big hammer. If you use the hammer, put a nut on the end of the stud so you don't mash the threads.
brake disc removal.JPG
that's what i needed to see.

I preferred using a brass drift rather than a hammer/nut.

Make sure the rotor doesn't land on your feet when it separates - it hurts....

- jake
Just got back from the shop where I used a Harbor Freight press. The studs were really in there. Took three forceful pulls (per lug bolt) on the jack to break them loose. Then the hub pressed right out from the rotor.

I still have all 10 toes.

Next it's to the blasting cabinet for some rust removal. Don't want this to happen again.
The studs are supposed to be in tight. It's not like you need to replace rotors all the time. I've done my rotors once before in the 20 years I've owned the '60 (they are due again this year).
anyone know what size/pitch the 2 bolts that hold the rotors the the hub assembly are? my axle appears to be missing all 4. :(
Yeah, mine were in pretty tight, too... Makes a Hell of a POP when they let go, particularly on my 12T Harbor Freight press. I didn't lose any toes either, but the rotors tried!

Use a little antisieze when you put them back together.
okay, what now? Do I go at it with a hammer to get the hub off???
You remove the bolts ?
yep, just put a little pb blaster on it
Whack it !
You have the rotor secured in the vise....dont let the hub fall and bend/brake the studs!!
VERY TRUE! You'll hate yourself for that :)
got it, spun it around 180 degrees from what the picture showed and put the bolts back loosely so I could hammer on them using a pice of 1/2" round stock as an extention.
Just beat it...

I also used a nail puller steel or iron. However, my truck has sat for 12 years waiting on this job.

:flipoff2:yeah it's a punt, but we need to encourage some of this.
Hi, I’d look at the lug bolts very carefully ,if in doubt replace them now. It’s terrible when you put it all back togeather,wheels on ,tighten the nuts down and the bolts start breaking. Mike

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