Front end rebuild tip

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Sep 16, 2007
Western Wonderland
With all of the Front end jobs going on, I wondered why the "Marlin tack" is not mentioned more here? The inner circlip being horrible to deal with, I searched and found many people have actually done the "mar-tack" on the 80 axle with no consequences. I think this should be a standard part of the front end rebuild. You would never have to deal with the horrible little devil again. This is a very commonplace thing in the rest of the birf world. It would probably also cut down on front end rebuild time.
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When you pull the axle out most axles will have a light wear line showing how deep the axle has been in the diff. I would use that as a reference and do the tack just on that line. There is some natural play in the axle between the birf and the diff. It shouldn't be rocket science. When I do my rebuild I am going to do it for sure.
Are you talking about Long's inners or Long's birfs? Just want to clarify. The tack is made on the inner axle shafts, the sides that go into the diff. not the side that goes into the bell of the birf. You are wanting to keep the axle from going further into the diff. Marlin says about 1 3/8 - 1 1/2 from the end of the diff side.

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