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May 2, 2004
peoria, az
Hello all, i just got my 96 fzj back from getting a new rs3000 brain, while it was at the dealership i had them check out a "dragging" noise from the front end that was apparent when the truck was coasting. i bought the truck 2 months ago from an old man who never even engaged the diff locks. everything seems to work fine, but the dealer says the noise is from the front diff. i changed fluids and found nothing noteable from the old fluid. 150k of highway driving before i bought it. i'm looking for suggestions on where to start, and if i can dc the front driveshaft for a few miles and see if it changes the noise. any help would be greatly appreciated.
check your knuckles

I would check the knuckles to make sure they are properly greased up with molly grease. I would also inspect the drive shaft to see if it's properly lubed (same grease) as well. If the Mec's at the dealer are likely elbow deep in modern Carola's and Highlanders they probably haven't a clue.

That's my dos centavos.
pulled the front driveshaft, the noise is still there in the axle, but the clunk when i shift from reverse to drive is gone. added more grease to the knuckles, wasn't low, but didn't make a difference. the ujoints feel ok, but after 150k is it time to replace?

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