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Jan 17, 2018
I have a 1982 Fj40 with a 2F.

I discovered during the course of replacing the head gasket, that the head is a prior year, open-chamber design. My pistons are flat-top, which makes this a stupid PO low-compression setup :(

I can confirm that my block is an 1982.

I purchased a closed-chamber head. I installed the head, and in the process of installing the valve train used with the open-chamber head, I discovered the push rod length is too long by several millimeters (push rod length: 276mm); with the valve train and pushrods installed and rocker arm adjuster screw fully turned out, there is no available clearance between the rocker arm face and valve stem.

In what I've been able to find here (Real Time Help - Las Vegas, NV - FJ60 2F Pushrod), but have not been able to confirm, my head/valve train design may require a push rod that is shorter by several millimeters, ~268mm. This would appear to explain my rocker arm clearance issue.

I then ordered OEM push rods for a 4/79-8/87 2F. However, I received OEM push rods for a 1968-4/79 F/2F. The ones I received are the same length (276mm) as the ones I already have.

I called the business and I explained the above, including that I received push rods that are not the ones I ordered. In the call, I learned more, confirming that my valve train is the older style, having a thicker, 14mm diameter adjusting screw.

I was then told I need the original-design fat-diameter push rod. I received them today, and can confirm that they are the same length as the ones I originally had, as well as the ones ordered prior. Additionally, for this thicker push rod, the end that mates with the valve lifter is too thick to pass through two of the twelve slots in the cylinder head, for cylinders 4 and 5.

So I'm at a loss....

1) As mentioned, are the OEM push rods for a 4/79-8/87 2F indeed a few mm shorter than what I have (276mm)? Is that what I need to resolve the valve stem clearance issue?

And if so:
2) The valve train I have, has the wider (14mm) adjuster and push rod ball. Do I also need a later-model valve train having rocker arms with the smaller diameter push rod ball?

3) Do I need the later-model valve train, and use that with my 276mm push rods?

I hope I can get here some answers here.


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