Ford 8N Tractor

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Jul 31, 2004
Anyone on here ever rebuild the oil pump on a Ford 8N tractor? Getting ready to start this job by cleaning out the barn and putting all of the tools away. I hope I am not opening a can of worms...
I can't get my 8N to run. sparks good. 2 dry cylinders, 2 wet. It wants to, but won't. I've burned 2 cylinoids trying to start it....

what do you think?
barnfind, I was having trouble starting my 8n too for a while. I had a bad connection to the coil so had spark but it was weak and intermittent. I put a jumper wire directly from the hot side of the solenoid to the coil and it starts immediately, and has beautiful big sparks. I also jumped the tractor with a 12 volt battery so it spins way faster when I was having trouble and that would get it going but the cleaning of connections and new wires did the trick so I didn't have to do that anymore, the old 6volt cranking it slow will start it immediately. I am assuming you still have 6 volt system so If you try jumping it with a 12 volt vehicle, do it on the starter side of the solenoid just touch the cable to the terminal, if you do it to the battery side you'll fry the solenoid and probably much worse so good luck.

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