For anybody needing a new Fridge... Group Buy 08/14-08/24

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Jul 6, 2013

Stumbled across a group buy for ICECO Fridges here on mud. They seem to be high quality and bridge the gap between the lower cost stuff and the ARB/Dometics of the world. They use the same compressor that the ARB uses (at least in brand...) and have a 5 year warranty on the compressor. 1 on the cooler and other parts.

They're also within spitting distance of cost of the COSTWAY and likes but have a better warranty.

I'll do a followup post with the link to Mud with the link to the groupbuy.

You'll visit ICECO's website and use code "ih8mud" for the discount.

Couple of updates:

1. Looks like the group buy may be pushed back... more details to come. (edit: pushed back a week to help with supply and manufacturing. If you need something urgent, they're willing to help out).
2. The JP50 may be superseded by a new product. (edit: from what I gathered, the JP is a solid performer but they have released a new one - the TR series. The lid looks to open like the VL but it has wheels. It would be good for those wanting to roll the fridge in and out and don't need a slide. JP is still in production).
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You guys that already have fridges, what size are you using. And is it enough?
You guys that already have fridges, what size are you using. And is it enough?
This really depends on for how many people, the duration of the trip, and do you also store your beverages in the fridge. For just the wife and I a 50qt has been adequate for up to 5 days. We keep our beverages and dry goods separated from the fridge so that makes a huge difference.

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