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Jun 2, 2009
Moving to a diesel so the 6.0, trans, and tcase is for sale:

I haven't run the engine or put any miles on the newly rebuilt train.


It has the starter, alternator, p/s, motor mounts, engine cover, mass airflow meter, etc.
I have the computer and two wiring harnesses as well. One is the original and the other is a GM performance harness. The computer does need VATS and emissions removed. I've also got an LS1 CAM (~+50hp).

Built with new heavy duty parts, shift kit, and stall converter. Never been run since build.

clean and rebuilt. new seals, bearings, etc. the rails have been modified for twin stick use.

And... if you act now.... a new shiny dana300 clocking ring comes with...

This stuff is all bolted together and ready for use.

Cummins 3.9 4bt. Hope my teeth don't rattle out.
Also have a hardtop/front doors/ambi doors with all glass coming up for sale. When I get that far, I'll post it for Cottonland guys first.
I just wanted something different. Advanced Adapters told me to sell the train as is because it's not easy to find all linked up. They also said I would lose more money switching it to an orion. I'm not sure if that's accurate but the added MPG swayed me toward the 4bt.

I'll probably regret all of this when I start tearing up rear-ends (once again) with the diesel. Got another third for me Jeff?
Yep! Sure do.
taken the 350 setup off -> 3speed and tcase all adapted with motor mounts. It's for sale guys.

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