Wanted FJ60 Body Parts Wanted!

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Apr 3, 2007
Long Branch, NJ
United States

I'm looking for a few body parts for my 1985 FJ60:

* Lower tailgate (tan - I'm not much of a painter and can't afford a professional job quite yet)

* Front and rear bumpers (with end caps, if possible)

* Front and rear fenders (tan as well)


* Set of 4 fender flares (any color) to cover up rust on wheel wells

I'm in Central New Jersey now, but would be willing to pay shipping from anywhere in the US.

I'd love to buy from CCOT, but can't afford their prices just yet, so any offers you may have are greatly appreciated!

Bret :cheers:
I've got two front fenders, tan colour in nice shape but i'm in canada. If you're interested I can post some pics.
I have everything you need in Brown. I'm in CA and I will not ship it.

Are you up for a road trip?

Hah...I'd love to take the rig out West, but it needs a decent amount of work before I'd chance that, and I'd have to break those chains that bind me to the desk.

I have been thinking about it though :) Got any pics of the body parts?
I've got an original chrome front bumper with caps that's in pretty good shape. Don't know how much a ride would cost from 98390 to Jersey. But if your interested...shoot me an email. If you need pics I can provide.

I have a '87 Tan FJ60 that I'm just starting to part out, so let me know if there is any little bits and peices that you want to upgrade or replace...

Good Luck on your Project, it's the ride of a lifetime!

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