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Danny Ray??

Tell him the steering wheel is on the wrong side!

Nice 45
if I bought that thing I would be scared to ever turn left...
No not Danny Ray. He wishes he had bought something that nice after all of the time and work he has in his! I hope both Danny and Shelton (45 owner) will bring them to Grayrock.

Shelton......heard of him but never met him.....guess I won't wonder which truck is his;p
One of my buddys just bought this! He lives in FL but is a MS boy.
eBay Motors: Toyota : Land Cruiser (item 300213210701 end time Apr-13-08 12:19:12 PDT)


I hate to point this out, but as of 08:54 on sunday morning, the price has gone up $1600 on this fine specimen since you posted friday. Are you sure that he bought it? There is still 5 hours left to bid. Maybe Shelton misread with those tiny little glasses.:meh: Wow, I wish I were in a position to buy one of those. Some day...
Don't know anything other than he told me that he wired the money for the truck. I'll check this week. I'm curious as well.

Nice rig! Check my progress!

I wish I really had bought it! Bodean, where did you say Shelton is living these days?

Honestly, I lack the skills and time to do what I've been doing. I'm not far away. If I ever do another one in this condition, definitely spend the $$ on a new tub complete.

Here is the latest. Hope to see you all very soon! I'll be swinging through Jackson on May 17-18th. The nephew is graduating. I may have some time to come see Bodean or C Tolleson on Friday. I'm going to Starkville for the day on the 18th and will go see Jeff and Jeff play that night.

Take Care,

D Ray

Bodean change your avatar!!!!:D
Apr 2008.JPG
The Mayor of Columbus playing guitar... I wish our Mayor was that cool!

Here is a pic for Danny Roy! Yes he did get it.

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