FJ40 Turn SIgnal Light Function Check (1 Viewer)

Aug 30, 2007
NB, Canada
I purchased Toyota turn signals from Partsouq in Dubai. I changed the connector but with only 3 wires one being ground pretty sure I got it right. Anyway the parking light only turns on the top front white light. Turn signal flashes the front bottom amber and the side amber lights. This seems incorrect.

Can someone please confirm the OEM function of a USA/Canada FJ40 is what I think:
Top Front Bulb - Clear lens, parking light, should turn on with 1st pull of headlight switch
Bottom Front - Amber, turn signal, should operate only with turn signal lever.
Side - Amber, Marker light, should turn on with 1st pull of headlight switch.

Once I know how it is supposed to work I can rewire if necessary.
Apr 21, 2005
I just looked at my Haynes manual. It shows except US and Canada the 75 and later side light is wired to the turn signal light. US and Canada the side light is wired to parking light. Third wire would be a ground.

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