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Dec 13, 2006
Austin, TX & Golden, CO
I've got a 1974 FJ40. 5.7L Vortec and 4L60E conversion by BTB. Front and rear 3rd members rebuilt by BTB, xfer case rebuilt by and because they were so expensive, and so slow, I took it back from them and finished it over the summer of 2005 with my brother.

As mentioned, the xfer case was rebuilt by BTB 4 years (approx 10K miles) ago, during the conversion. I'm told it was all new bearings, etc.

I added the M-A-F "disc parking brake conversion", which was probably a mistake, but its done now.
MAF Disc Parking Brake Conversion Kit

Problem, it whines likea MF'k-r. Some days it gets LOUD. It whines more under load, and sometimes, coasting (but not coasting full downhill) its almost quiet.

Any ideas to offer why it whines? Did I (or BTB) miss some weird "pre-load" ? (Yes, its got 90W in it.)

I complained to Larry @ BTB way back when I first got the truck on the road.

Larry@BTB wanted me to 'wait' and 'break it in'. OK, it should be broken in after 10K miles, no? I don't speak with BTB any more than I have to, these days especially after Larry had his silly lawyer send me a "letter" after I posted here about them previously.

Thanks for any info,



Oh...Durka Durka Durka.
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Oct 1, 2003
So I guess you're saying "you need new gears, old man".

Exactly, and if it were mine I would look for a later four speed transfer case, unless you really wheel this thing, in which case, it might not be a bad idea to look at an Orion.


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