FJ40..should I save it..or part it?

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Mar 28, 2006
I bought this 1966 FJ40 on Ebay. I needed a title and hood for the FJ45 project. I get it home and then find a way worse FJ w/title and of course I buy that one also. I begin to look at it and think its saveable with steel replacement panels and a restoration (and lots of time). I would like to just put it back to stock and keep it that way. It was a plow truck in Michigan since it was new and only has 39K original what do you guys it too far gone?

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gas tank

The gas tank is a little further back. I don't think the glove box will hold much. :flipoff2:
That's funny looking pic...
No such thing as too far gone...

There is no such thing as too far gone. Every vehicle is restorable but is a function of time, money, patience, capability etc.

Old vintage vehicles are gems in the rough in the eyes of some and parts vehicles in the eyes of others.

Back in England growing up 30 years ago, I have literally pulled rusty frames with and without engines out of hedges and helped restore them. These, were of course older and rarer remnants of vehicles, but nonetheless, valuable to the right owner.

Arguably, they don't make 'em like they used to. I am presently restoring a '79 BJ40 and have the next project, a '82 BJ42, lined up on the driveway after that. Both are rough.

In you case, the bodywork can be replaced, seats upholstered. The important parts, other than owner viewpoint, of deciding whether to restore a vehicle is whether it is reasonably complete, i.e. all the knobs, switches, engine parts there and whether the frame is OK.

Everything else, including some of above, can be procured and the rest is just hard work & dedication...

If you have the skills, patience & reasonable budget, I say restore it. If you don't, don't.

(I hate seeing vintage vehicles being parted out, especially those significantly older than our addiction, just my view).
other than small parts not much either way you go may be better to fix it and have something of value i cant see you making much in parts off it good luck
Parts. Clean steering wheel and horn button are worth something. Door stops used to be worth $50 on ebay. That carb is worthless.........I'll take it. ;)
Providing the frame is solid, I wouldn't say it's far gone. The TUB is far gone. Replace that and the rest doesn't look too bad. If you got the time, money and "know how", you should fix that bitch up.


It has rediculously low miles. Put way too much time and effort into it and you have a really nice 40. Restore
I'd say fix it up, although I don't think that's the OE windshield frame I believe the it originally had the vent on the bottom like mine.


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