FJ40 rear jumpseats....

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May 14, 2009
charleston s.c.
Whats the deal with finding good? rear jump seats for 74 fj40,
rollbar type (short)..does anybody make , or do you haft to watch ebay, want adds etc til you grab some?
Have seen bench ava and some discussion on this forum but prefer to be more original any thoughts?? thanks for the input.
also will use with kids, any safety advise as well?

recently aquired 74 fj , joined tlca, and low country cruiser,
will post some pics shortly

I have a few sets, one original the other sandblasted, primed, painted, and recovered (real nice) I might could be persuaded.
I have a set of short jump seats that I'd sell......they'll need to be recovered and one of the frames looks like it was welded at some point - other than that they're pretty good.

Personally, I wouldn't use them for kids. They only have lap belts and their heads will bang up against the roll bar in an accident (even on rough trails). Also, better to have them forward facing for safety. Just my 2 cents......
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I have also been looking and researching rear seats. My end result is , I am going with a forward facing bench seat, due to safety. But to each , his own . Good Luck.
I can get three up front with the bench seat so I don't ride anyone in the jump seats....Just gotta have them ya' know.....
I got a set of frames on Flea-bay cheap that were in Ok slape, blasted and painted them and got 'em looking nice. Then I assembled all the bits and pieces, new foam, a pair of Aatlas1x's repro seat covers and all the associated hardware from $OR and from Mr. Yota direct.

I used to have a Con-Ferr bench seat in the back, but for as infrequently as I had someone riding in the back, I pulled it and put in the jumpers for the cargo/hauling room you get with them. Or do a Heep tumble seat:meh:
They are real nice now;)



So whats the difference in years between those pictured above and seats with the fold down leg? Short seats I'm talking about....Mine are short but have the fold down leg and no rubber bumpers....
So whats the difference in years between those pictured above and seats with the fold down leg? Short seats I'm talking about....Mine are short but have the fold down leg and no rubber bumpers....

not certain on years but I think I remember that the earlier years didn't have the fold down leg where as the later years did.
IIRC, and back me up on this if I'm wrong, but I think the 79+ seats had the leg, the 74-78 had the bumpers like mine.

Anything older than that I'm not as keen on but you saw the longer jump seats on the older cruisers
Not sure when the different jump seats started, but my mid '79 had the short seats with the fold down leg...

Palmetto, to be honest, the jump seats are plain FJ40 cool...just like the ambulance doors. But, after thinking through how I'll use my '40, my amby doors are gone and replaced with Phrogg's Aqualu storage tailgate (you'd never convince me to go back) with a swing-up OEM liftback.

But back on topic...I'm not sure that jump seats and safety are terms that can co-exist. Others may feel differently, but the jump seats don't give me a feeling of security...and when it comes to the kids I'd rather not take unnecessary chances if I can help it. Maybe short trips to the store, around the neighborhood or farm, less than 45 MPH, and not on the interstate highways.

Anyway, my jump seats are in storage and my kids sit nice, comfy and SAFE in a forward facing rear seat. There's a lot of other rear seat options (Jeep or Besttop fold and tumble are nice). Search the forum for more ideas, but you'll have to find what works for your needs. I went with Man-A-Fre's for several reasons including ability to use the area under the seat and an over-engineered steel frame design with seat belt attachment points built-in. The way I set it up, the two outer kids are secured with 5 point harnesses and the one in the middle with a lap only harness. If God forbid I roll this thing on the trail or street, the kids will be safely strapped into a rear seat that is bolted to the tub with grade-8 hardware.


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great info thanks ... LakeNorman that by far is the safest and most stout rear seat i've ever
seen period. good job and i agree, the old head needs the 3 or 4 point belts.. i also have aftermarket
front seat and rollbar with lap belt and want 3 point in front/// work to be done....jumpers do look great though.

WHAT DOES MAF"s mean is that a brand or co.???

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I have read alot of posts about the seats and I agree for the most part. I see alot of people with factory roll bars on their 40. If you are carrying anybody any length of time in the rear of your 40 one of the most important issues is a good quality family roll cage. The factory roll cage is insufficent for most passengers especially the rear passengers. Having a great seat in a roll over is good but that doesn't give the head sufficient protection in a roll over. I worked numerous roll overs / vehicle accidents in my past years in Law Enforcement. The windshield and most factory roll bars are not sufficient in a moving accident with any speed involved. They are alright for a simple trail roll over. Both issues need to be addressed not just the seat issue. I have seen too many factory windshields and or roll bars collapse with unplesant results. Just my 2 cents worth
The MAF reference above in regards to the seat = Man-A-Fre.

The roll bar in the pics above is a stock late model FJ40 that came OEM on the truck with 3 point belt attachment points. I've simply repainted the stock roll cage (Duplicolor wheel paint from auto parts store...metallic grey) and replaced the OEM seat belts with new ones.

And 73FJ40 is right...the seat isn't enough by itself as the stock roll bar isn't a heavy duty unit. A proper 6 point cage with frame tie-ins has been on my to-do list since I restored the '40. In the meantime, I have another FJ40 stock roll bar that I'll soon be using to replace the rear "J" pipes on the back side of the roll bar. Plan is to tie the the two main hoops together where the "J" pipes connected to the main hoops. It will look similar to TLC's ICON FJ40 roll cage except my tie-in tube will be lower:


Is it as secure as a heavier gauge steel 6pt cage? No. But it will have to suffice until I can gather enough funds to have a 6pt cage fabricated. At least it's better than the shorter tube in the back as it raises the roll bar height above the top of the rear seat. Plus it allows me to run a full family top b/c the kids in the back have no sun protection...

Sorry if this ended up as a hijack or re-direct into a safety thread...

I have a 5yr old and 8yr old...lights of my life AND they love the old cruiser...SO no ride for them TIL
i get SAFE SEAT and Safety are all right about head hitting rollbar also....JUMPSEATS will
haft to wait til they go to college then i will restore and put in jumpseats... lakenorman you are right
jumpseats and safety dont go together in highway driving , high speed etc.

You have helped in my decision Thanks for input...Bench seat it is!? best regards.
Cool....I'll save my shorties for you....get with you in 15 yrs or so.....Probably take me that long to find some period correct.....
Really good bench seat alternatives out there that should get your babes riding....

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