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Nov 4, 2011
Karachi, Pakistan
Hello, after years of looking for parts to fix my roof rain gutters on two of my BJ40z I finally decided to make them myself from 16 gauge sheet metal that are sized and cut and bent on a hydraulic press brake. Now I am wondering if I could supply them at a fair price plus shipping to anyone who needs them around the world.

At present i have fabricated the straight runs for the sides and the wider straight piece above the rear doors. These form 5 pieces and are a maximum length of 40" for the rear and 31 and 38 inches for the sides rails. This can be shipped by courier and would be around 12 lbs. I have yet to fabricate the rear corners as it is more involved and the front section over the windshield frame.

From my experience the front piece is seldom fully rusted out as it is hidden under the top, just the corners sometimes rust out so I am hoping most people can get it repaired locally.

For those requiring the above components, perhaps you could give feed back on if you would like the rivet holes and other holes to be drilled out of would u prefer to get the blank pieces and do the drilling and all yourself. I guess i could supply them both ways, if drilled out, they would be primer applied with tapes at the ends where they have to be welded together.

Will post pictures and stuff soon, I would have two roofs from a 1977 BJ40 and 1984 FJ40 both of which seem to have same hole patterns.

Look forward to your inputs.


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Apr 30, 2003
Hi Sajid, Have you considered making them from stainless steel?

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