FJ40 needs new paint

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Jan 28, 2006
pueblo west colorado
I just bought my first 40 and it is great, except for the paint. It has a white and gray camouflage paint scheme. I would like to paint it any other color except camouflage. ( not a big fan). I am wondering if anyone had any luck with Maaco's. I have seen their ad and the price is very cheap, is the quality cheap?
Thanks for any input on paint....
the correct way to paint a 40, would be to disasemble everything, and paint each peice separetly. i suppose you could do macco. but do all the prep work your self. IE sanding, rust repair, etc...
that may be true...

but this depends on what you want. I know many people who are satisfied with spray paint, oh yeah...

This all depends on what you are going to do with the truck and how much money you are willing to spend and keep on spending. Or well ultimately the lack of 4 wheel without regret.

For example, I'm not taking my freshly painted Noridic Blue trailer queen on the trail and beating the fxxx out of it. Although, I'll take a rough or older truck off road and pound it with out regret.

This is all on your Wallet and PO.
macco and any other place like that is asking for trouble. If they prep it and paint it you are going to be very dissapointed. If you prep it and bring it to them, you stand to be just as dissapointed more than likely. It would pick up oils and dust and particles on the way to them, and knowing most of the maccos and their ilk they wouldnt have the combined brain power to clean it right before it enters the booth.

they use low quality paints, and gear for the most part and unless you dont mind spending 10's of hours polishing and buffing you are guaranteed to get an ugly orange peel laden paint job

This is of course a generalization, but having seen so many of the horrors that they have done im pretty confident its the norm.

hell i couldnt buy the paint products to paint a booth of accessories for the cost that they do an entire vehicle in, let alone what my shop charges for labor.
Time permitting, I would take a class at a local tech jr. College. You get to use all their stuff and you get a dude with lots of experience to help you along the way. I took an evening class and it was great. There were several dudes doing hot rods and stuff lkie that too.

Professional booths, welders, sanders, and I drive my junk away from the mess twice a week... not too bad.

Just my .02

My final cost was around 350 bucks to do the outside of an old camaro.

Good Luck!

Rezarf <><
Stay away. You won't be satisfied. I have seen a few jobs done in my local area and they prey on the uninformed/uneducated. My coworker had his hood sprayed (OEM oxidation and delamination of the clear coat), and they used an ENAMEL as a coating. That's not going to last very long.

Every modern vehicle comes from the factory with a URETHANE coating, which is superior to enamels and lacquers.

ditto on the other comments about what you will be using it for and the painting parts separately for the best cosmetic outcome.
My dad did a cost analysis of keeping our '89 Suburban and fixing the rust vs. buying a new Excursion or similar, decided to keep the 'burb and repaint it. We have a Maaco on Blakeland (C-470 and Santa Fe for Denverites) that's won many awards etc. My dad got I think their top of the line paint job, took off the bumpers etc. himself, but he said they did fine with the two $1000 pieces of glass along the sides in the back, very well done outfit. He is very happy with the paint job and the treatment he received. OTOH, my buddy did a cheapy paint job at the same place on his Escort and there ended up overspray on the engine etc., pretty rough. So you get what you pay for, I'd say for anything that you're going to be using they're fine. But it also depends on the particular Maaco you're going to, I'd go in and talk with them and see what they have to offer, ours had really good paint etc.
If you ever plan to resell the truck, don't paint it at maaco or the like. I know I for one would much rather buy a 40 with original paint, in any condition, than one with a crappy repaint. I just have to take it all off any way, and when you get crappy paint in crooks crannys and crevices you can't get to with a sander, you're looking at sandblasting or chemical removal, adding to your pain :frown: I too hate camoflauge, only seen maybe two cruisers over the years done right w/camo, both of them were done professionaly at over 2k :eek:
I took a new fender to Maaco to have painted. It was primed from the factory. It turned out great.
Hi All:

Depends fully on what you want to do with the rig, and its overall body condition.
For trail use the paint will get scratched and dented.

I completed a 2/3 body tub swap last Spring. I got the donor body tub sandblasted down to bare metal, then carefully rust-proofed the underside. The top and sides got rattle can primer and top coat. Why? Cost, and the ability to easily touch-up trail damage.

I could have painted the body tub with a spray gun, but the paint would cost over $100 a gallon. My rig is a 'wheeler so a perfect paint job was never the intention.

So, if you just want to cover-up the homemade camo paint job wash it good, let is dry, then rattle can it a color you prefer.


I had my '77 and '80 painted at Maaco back in 1996 and 1998 respectively when I was still living in Phoenix. I think the paint package was called "Ambassador" and it was just under $500 each including prep. (All I did was strip everything off of them and drove them down sitting on a milk crate.)

A fantastic paint job? Nope. But, decent enough to look good on the trail without the worries of demolishing a high-$$ paint-job. Surprisingly the paint jobs held up pretty good over time. :rolleyes:

I guess it all depends on what your longterm intentions are and accepting that you usually get what you pay for.
77 FJ40 topless2a.jpg
80 FJ40d1a.jpg
Hey thanks for all the replies. It was more than I ever dreamed of. It is going to be a trails rig and I have a perfectly awsome condition FJ60 that is my sunday auto. I am going to do some thinking and either prep it my self or get a temp paint job till my shop is finished. I appreciate the assistance, it is great to be a cruiser head.

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