For Sale FJ40 Corrugated Hardtop in GEORGIA

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Feb 4, 2006
United States
OK I have a corrugated FJ40 hardtop for sale. According to the early FJ40 guru's this is the so-called "rare" 64-65 top with the short posts. I acquired this top from a local friend that is moving out of state and he can't take it with him, thus I took it off his hands to help him out. I have no use for this top so it is up for sale. I honestly have no idea what these go for so please no BS comments about the price on the craiglist ad. I AM VERY OPEN AND FLEXIBLE on the price.

Description: For it's age the top is in decent shape but if you want restoration quality it will require some work. The sides are good with some rust on the underside of the part that meets the cruiser body. There is some denting on the corners that could be easily worked out. The headliner is there but falling down on the edges. The fiberglass cap is the weak point with a couple of areas that will need some attention due to weakness and cracking. The rear hatch is in good shape and appears to be all there. This is the first one of these I have seen up close and I never realized all the working parks it had. Also, I have the missing passenger side window and seal.

I would like to sell this top whole. If that can't happen I will pull it apart since I realize that may facilitate shipping and there may be somebody that needs the rear hatch and on and on.

If you are interested take a look at the link to the craigslist ad and contact me if you are serious and we can talk. I can also email or text more pictures of any specific area if you are serious.

I will do some trading too. I am in search of some decent tires 305 or 315's for a 16" rim and maybe some other stuff.


Hardtop Price

I will post the price on here too according to forum rules:

As stated on the craigslist ad $650 but it is VERY OBO since I have no idea what this top is worth.

CASH, Paypal, or trade.
Offers? Anybody interested in the rear hatch? Sides? If nobody wants the whole top I will be parting it.

BTT. Somebody can get a good deal if it can be picked up. I can also dismantle and part if there is a need.
Somebody come get this top. No reasonable offer refused.

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