FJ40 bestop soft top - needs stitching repair.

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i'll get some pics tomorrow hopefully. as i mentioned, there might be some minor hardware parts missing. pics will show everything that i have with it.
Bestop Soft Top

I am interested in the FJ40 soft top.

Which Bestop model is it?

Aside from the stitching needing repair, do the all zippers work ?, are there any holes or rips in the soft top?, are the windows clear?

Assuming that all that is needed is stitching repair, and that the soft top is a "Tigertop" model, I'll take the soft top.

How much is shipping to Southern California (91789)?


it's the snap style. zippers were fine when i last checked it, but i will go over everything again when i take the pics.
i opened it up to take pics and i think it might be best if i look for a local sale. lots of small rips and tears on the seems. i don't want to take the chance of selling to someone who is expecting more out of it than what is here.
no one locally has even asked for pics so i am willing to sell to anyone again. hopefully get pics tomorrow...

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