FJ Cruiser door "strut" - does this fit a GX470?

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Sep 20, 2021
I am tired of having to lock the door on the slightest grade to keep it from hitting me in the ass. Does anyone know if the FJ strut fits or can be made to fit? They are ~$40 on ebay.

I have seen the other alternatives with the tiny strut in the same location as the stock plate.... less interested in this, just looks very fragile.
I've been running the "tiny strut", from Lift Supports Depot, for well over a year now. I'd been a perfectly fine mod, I can't imagine living without it now. It might move a bit if you try to open the door into strong winds or on a really steep incline, but it works great for 99% of my usage. It would, however, be nice if it had a real lock on it to counteract that wind.
Thanks fellas.

Hmm.. doesn't sound like either option is great for me. Tiny strut worries me because I am a contractor. I open and abuse my door 25 times a day accessing tools and materials. I wear things out fast :)

I also have a set of Dobinson's drawers and a fold down table en-route. Opening less than 90* is not an option I'm willing to mess with.

Oh well!

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