fj 80 vibration

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May 12, 2011

I have a '91 landcruiser 80series which vibrates when reached the speed of 70mph. This only happens when on 70 mph not 69 or 71~72. Changed U-joints on both driveshaft and rebuild front diff. a few weeks ago didn't help. Can someone plz help thanks:bang:

I had some vibes that felt like my axle hopping up and down at 65-70. Turned out to be a Just slightly bad shock. No fluid loss, just didn't damp quite as well as it should. Replaced with bilstein 5150's and it is smoooooth.

Wheel bearings could be bad/need adjustment too.

:banana:job if you have to do it your self but, Check you rear parking brake (cables). Sometimes they freeze up at the drum mounting area, just enough to cause this issue at high speeds. I had to free them up and replace rear brake pads and rotors. I didn't have to replaced the parking brake pads though.
I would check rear brakes as well. Spent a year and a lot of cash tracking down vibes. Turned out to be my rear brakes.
To clarify. I had one rear rotor that was warped and smacking the left outside pad that shook the whole veh. also had a bent caliper bolt on the right rear causing it to bind on the rotor. I would start with a good balancing of your wheels and then check all the easy low cost mantenance items. I am mad at myself for replacing all the supension and steering stuff only to find out it was my brakes. Although its nice knowing I have all new stuff underneath now I guess. Hope I get better gas mileage now too.
got a '92 with the same problem, did the front shocks, balanced the tires, no good. I was going to try the steering damper next,

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