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May 23, 2019
Hi everyone,

At the suggestion of a mud member on reddit, I came here to peruse and ask some questions about a potential buy if you guys don't mind.
I currently own a 13 VW GTI and am looking to trade it for a 2000 Cruiser I found with 140k miles. The main reasons for wanting to switch is that I want to go on more outdoors adventures, camping etc, and I need a bigger car to lug around my giant dog (and potentially another coming soon). With that said the cruiser I found is on sale for $13k and since I'm new to these types of vehicles I wasn't sure if that was a decent price. I'm not too concerned with the mileage like I would be if it were any other car since I heard that cruisers were built to last 25 years in a third world country and I've seen stories of people pushing them to 400k miles with adequate maintenance. Is this correct? Also the car is in Nebraska and I live in SoCal so I would have to fly to check it out. Should I worry about rust? I simply want a large reliable outdoors car. I also don't commute much, about 8 miles one way to school everyday. Tuesday's I do head down to LA for dog training and that's about a 220 miles round trip.
Any help, comments, advice would be appreciated.

2000 with 140K would go for around 7-8K in my area, not sure what's so special about that one but it's priced way high IMO. When buying these, you can't rush it, just keep an eye out everyday and one will pop up. 13K you can get a nice 2003+ with the 5spd trans

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