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Jan 10, 2011
First of all, a huge thanks to all contributing members - this forum is priceless in terms of information.

Bought my first 80 in Jan as something to get around in with my kids, as I work from home, didn't really need it as a DD. The PO wanted 4200, talked them down to 4k. I realize after spending time in this forum, I could have done better than that, as it does not have lockers, and had 230k on the clock. A couple $k later, I have a well baselined truck - new rotors, brakes, birfs, front axel seals, rebuilt diff, new fluids, cap/rotor/wires, PHH, tires. The engine was very well maintained, extensive service records - one owner except for the last 4 years, when his daughter in law used it on the freeway as a DD. Came with Ramsey winch, roof rack and cb.

Plagued by typical old 80 issues - steering column cover, seatbelts, slow windows - but can deal with that. Planning on a new front bumper, as some d-bag backed into me as I was parked on the street - I think just bent the brackets, but I would like an ARB or MetalTech. And some new shocks- rides a little rough.

Also, special thanks to CDan for my numerous parts at a decent price.


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