First foray into body and paint


Nov 28, 2015
I would like some input from you pros out there into by first body and paint project.

Just to preface my experience and skill level. I’m a decent welder(thanks to art school) and I have tons of professional experience with fine wood finishes. I’m no stranger to spray equipment, catalyzed finishes, high build primers, and hours upon hours of sanding for glass smooth finishes. (Just no auto body work)
The project: Cab fire in an Fj62. I bought this mostly for the frame and drive train and salvage the fenders but the body looks too good to abandon so my salvage plans turned into a rebuild. Major damage is limited to the roof shell. Doors tops and rain gutters are still straight as an arrow The interior is all gutted and I have removed the roof and have a donor ready to weld back on.
I don’t plan on tackling the entire project and at some point I will hand it off to a professional body shop.
With the fire, the upper rails under the shell and around rain gutters are covered in a fine surface rust, the door jambs and some of the cab floor also have spots of rust from bare metal exposure. I want to have the cab, doors, and my donor roof media “dustless” blasted for peace of mind that I will have a solid base to start.
The my first hurdle: sequence of blasting welding, priming. I need to blast and prime the gutters and the structure under the shell while it is still exposed. Should I epoxy prime all my parts before welding the shell back on or should I use some sort of weld through primer in the gutter then epoxy prime?

My goal is to get the roof all squared away, take care of some other minor body dings have it all sealed up with an epoxy primer and then hand it off to the pros. Maybe I’ll get some pics posted but it looks sort of like something out of Fallujah and I’m not quite ready to take any heat for that.
Mar 9, 2017
Orlando, FL
man, take lots of pics! Psyched for you. I am practicing my painting with far less experience than you on a bike frame... and then we'll see where we go! Stay patient! Fallujah to Shangrila man! take them pics and post em
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