Figuring bumpstop length

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Jan 25, 2008
Opelika, AL
I read the FAQ about bumpstop length, brake extention, relative to lift height. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is my conclusion on how to know how much to extend your bumpstops. Take the compressed length of NEW shocks and subtract compressed STOCK shock length which equals bumpstop height.

Compressed shock length = CSL

New CSL - Stock CSL = Bumpstop addtional length

Is this a good equation for figuring this?
I guess you could do some modification to this equation to figure brake line extended length also. New shock extended length - STOCK shock extended length = Brake line extended length needed.

shock extended length = SEL

New SEL - Stock SEL = New extended brake line additional length
Flex the truck to fully compress the shock. Measure distance from bumpstop to axle. Add 1/2". That is the length you want to extend your bumpstops.

Or, if your piston is exposed, just measure the exposed piston and compare to the distance between bumpstop and axle. Make sure the bumpstop/axle distance is 1/2" less than available shock piston. Can't do that with OME shocks.

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