Fender flares

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Jan 26, 2022
trinidad colorado
Hi. I’m wondering where the best place to order rear fender flares is. My 68 fj 40 is stock so i want to minimize the drilling into the body to mount. I’m also interested in finding a good place to buy the running boards. It seems like most places that sell them are listed for 1969 and up. There are holes and bolts on the body of my 68 to mount the running boards but I’m too Leary of buying a set that is not listed for model year 1968. A part number and supplier would make this easier. It’s kinda weird to see that a lot of aftermarket parts like carbs, running boards etc are identified as 1969 and up.
Not sure anyone sells flares that are designed for cut wheel wells. To gain anything other short fat tires you need to cut the wheel well.

As for running boards 69 model used the same as 68. These used a pad on top that has a ring around the edge to cover the edge of the rubber pad. The running boards.

From what I can find 12/70 is when the bolt changed. I installed 78 running board on my 68 and remember had to drill a few holes, then used nuts and bolts.

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