Fender Flare Removal Problem

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Jan 30, 2011
Lexington, KY
Can anyone tell me how to remove the clips that are riveted to my doors and my fender walls that the fender flares bolt to? do i just drill them out?
I used my dremel and wire wheeled them right off, then used the wheel to clean up all the holes before I started to fill with bondo.
I used a bunch of smaller bits. You could grind the heads off and punch them in, too.
I tried drilling them out but they just started spinning with the drill bit. I ended up using an angle grinder to wear away the exposed portion of the rivets. The inner part of the rivets fell into my doors but I haven't heard any rattling or anything.

Just be a bit careful with the angle grinder and use small movements so you don't accidentally grind your paint. The portion of the angle brackets that're flush with your side panels provide plenty of protection (and fun sparks) if you've got a steady hand.

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