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May 9, 2010
I have a 97 LX, and pretty much the factory stereo has crapped out. Most of the speakers are blown and the amp looses the front driver side speaker every so often. So I'm replacing all the speakers and installing a Computer in place of the radio. Was wondering where the factory amp is located? Curious about its size and location to see if the PC I've built (small itx form factor and about the size of a really after market amp) could possibly fit there. Otherwise its going to go behind one of the walls in the rear cargo area where heat off of the cars body becomes a factor.
Not sure if it is the same in the later style dashes, but in the '94 its behind the passenger side front tweeter. remove the glove box, its right up there.

EDIT: Attached PDF from the '96 LC FSM location page.


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