Exterior Light Rough In Wiring - Question

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Sep 16, 2004
I'm at the point where I'm roughing in wiring on the new garage. For exterior lights - wall mount - what is the preferred choice on box or not? I seem to see either the option of installing a typical round box in the wall like you might on an interior wall, or just running the wire through a hole and leaving a pig tail outside. Then installing the exterior light right to the wall with no box.

Any suggestions on your preferred option and why? Is there some other method that I should be going with?

FWIW my siding is hardie vertical siding over OSB so it will be easy either way. Just cutting a big hole with a box, or little hole with some wire sticking out.
If the light is 6 lbs or less then a single gang box is ok. I preffer a 3/0 box for strength though.

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