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Nov 21, 2014
Saw an ad in my local paper this morning, Express Tire is offering a buy 3 get one free on all Toyo and Cooper tires they have in stock. I called as I am considering new tires for my LC. Have been trying to decide between the new BFG AT KO2, Nitto Terra Grapplers and Toyo Open Country AT/II.

This might just have made my decision for me. I called my local shop and they have the 285/75/16 Toyo AT/II's in stock for $996 all in + another $60 for alignment. That includes the buy 3 get one free deal and all tax mounting and labor.

Pretty good deal huh? Should I pull the trigger?

Deal good through the end of February.
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Don't forget you'll need a correct sized spare too....
Is roughly $1k kinda expensive for 3 tires? These run around $220 per tire, so for a total of $660 that would be $336 for install?
That's not an awful deal if you're getting all 4 tires installed for around 1k. I was all in around 1200 for 4. Lucky enough to score a free full sized spare.
I'm getting the same tire in 285. Tires are $830 out the door, $1000 installed. (Seems kind of high on install, but good deal on tires).

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