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Jan 31, 2010
I have a 94 so I have two separate pipes running parallel into the cat which has dual inlet and outlet. I am sure most are familiar with that.

Now my O2 sensor is shot along with the "bung" area its connected too is all corroded and not salvageable. Instead of buying a $1200 EMS powered exhaust or trying to weld a new bung onto the 17 yr old metal that is already there can I just buy the part in the attached diagram from the FSM and connect a new O2 sensor to it? Should be that easy right?

View attachment exhausts.pdf

If I order "Front Exhaust Pipe" which is right above "#2 Front Exhaust Pipe that should have the raised area on the pipe with the threaded studs to put a new O2 on?

From what I have looked up the one pipe goes for ~$170 and the other about ~$200 am I correct on this since they didn't have a illustration coordinating to the part on the site I used.

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