exhaust manifold thread locker

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Apr 20, 2006
I was going to fit a new down pipe/cat to the exhaust manifold of my '96 and have obtained from the dealer the donut gaskets, studs and nuts. A few questions -

-the dealer did not give me the correct expanding locking nuts and instead gave me flange nuts with serrations on the back. I quizzed him about it and he said the serrated nuts were good but if I was concerned I could use high temp thread locker. Should I go with these nuts or try to get the right thing from a different dealer?

-I don't think I will need the studs but, if I do, should I put thread locker on them when screwing them into the manifold?

-the nuts on the oxygen sensor on the old manifold are completely rusted (quite common I take it). I am curious about this, since the locking manifold nuts are in really good shape (even though they are a PITA to remove). Would it be better to use brass nuts rather than the OEM replacements?

I'd get the correct nuts. I would not use thread locker - not called for.

Amen - I recommend and use copper based anti sieze.

I had planned to use copaslip on the fasteners. The question was more directed to the different way in which nuts can lock, eg, expanding collar, serrations, etc. Obviously the manufacturer wanted the nuts to lock on the manifold but selected one method. There might be another dealer nearby I can try.

I'd go back to the dealer and have him get you the correct parts:

Studs - 90080-12007

Nuts - 90080-17187

I have both on hand if they don't want to order for you.

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