Excessive popping and pinging sounds from my LX470, what could it be?

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Mar 29, 2021
Hello all,

I have regular popping and pinging sounds coming from underneath my LX470 after it gets warm. I know there is thermal expansion and contraction going on, but this seems excessive. I notice it when I stop, and I notice it at red lights and drive throughs as well. I've added a video to Youtube that can be viewed/heard here:

This is after turning off the car, of course. It still happens when running, but it's not as bad, but still evident...

Is this a normal amount of noise for these vehicles? If not, what could be causing this?
That's more than the normal ticking of thermal expansion when compared to my vehicle. I would use a mechanics stethoscope and pinpoint the pinging noise.

It does sound like something hitting the exhaust or something loose in the exhaust, but its tough to say without narrowing the source.
Cats clogged. Is it slow to accelerate?
Echos of the garage making it sound louder? I like alpines suggestion of crawling under and poking around with a stethoscope to narrow it down.

Hell if my truck looked that rust-free on the underside I'd be OK with a little pinging and popping
I tried running some Cataclean through the truck, it seems to have helped a little bit but still popping a little. Whats the next step, taking out the Catalytic converter and cleaning it right?
Whats the next step, taking out the Catalytic converter and cleaning it right?
Yeah, with rebar to bust everything out and make your 100 appear to have a cat but not actually have a functioning one 😎

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