ETS & Coolant Level

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Mar 5, 2007
South Florida
Hey guys, question here once again, since last week anyway. A few weeks back the AC compressor clutch melted and blew out my compressor, so OEM replacement and it still didn't cool down, but Mechanically it was fine. The dealer said the ETS and two relays behind the dash were in need of replacement, so I had dealer do it ($500+) which solved the AC issue, but my rig developed the overheating issue (when at lights, idling, etc). They then wanted $425 for the fan clutch replacement but had to order parts, and said I was ok to drive it away. Order all the stuff from Cdan which I got late yesterday. I haven't driven the truck much while waiting for the parts to come, but I had to run about 80 miles yesterday evening, and saw the temp needle running about 3/4 most of the way, and touching into the red as I made it home (windows down, heater on full bore) which it eased down to 3/4 before turning it off, and popping the hood.
Then 11pm last night, I opened the radiator and checked level. LOW, so I added 32oz of distilled water, and then 16oz more, so 48oz altogether. This morning I drove it to my buddy's shop and no overheating issue whatsoever. Alright, so here's my question...
Did replacing the AC's evaporator temperature switch entail opening up the cooling system and perhaps resulting in losing 48oz of coolant which the dealer neglected to top off? If so, did I do any permanent damage to my beloved truck by seeing that temp needle touch into the red? And if not, and there are no leaks whatsoever, any idea where the coolant could have gone?? I've put over 3000 miles in the last month and didn't have an issue until getting it back from the dealer...any help appreciated.
If this is a 1FZ I might be a little concerned about head gasket failure as a result of the high temps. It sounds like the dealer didn't put enough coolant in it.
That's just it, it's a 97 LX450, meticulously serviced up until now...
Since the dealer had left it low, do I contact them with the concern of premature head gasket failure??

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