Estimated costs for LC 200 maintenance?

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May 6, 2016
Hey 200-series folks,

I'm a newbie here and this is my first post. I've been reading around these forums and others because I've been seriously contemplating getting my first LC. I've always had a liking to them when I saw my first FJ40 as a kid growing up in Alabama back in the late 80s/early 90s. Since then, I've had a LR Disco (one of the most terrible rigs ever!), a Yota Taco (which I had for 14 years, loved it, and almost drove it into the ground both on and off-road), and now I have a VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI (great ride with low-end torque, fuel economy, and handling, just a little problem though, dieselgate, and I miss the 4wd). With dieselgate winding down and court decisions being made next week and buybacks happening this fall, I figured now is the time more than ever to strategize and take advantage of the payback and the extra cash and get me a LC. I had kicked around the idea of getting an overseas diesel (70 series or 80 series), but as my first LC, I did not want to jump off a cliff due to my lack of knowledge with these rigs, plus I didn't want to deal with the hassle of upkeep and other issues because in the next couple of years I could be in a major urban area where space and costs could be problematic for upkeep.

The next logical progression was to go up to a 100, but then I started looking at the 200s and began to wonder about the upgrades and additions that I could add to it. I like what I've seen so far on this forum and elsewhere and I've decided to more than likely go for a 200, probably a 2014 or 2015 (maybe a 2016 by the time the 2017s rolls around) all of course depending on the deal I can get! Any wisdom here would be appreciated too! Besides road driving, I'm hoping to take it out west (overlanding) with my wife and camp in some cool areas! I'm in Alabama btw, but have lived all over the southeast from Alabama to Virginia/DC and over in Oregon and we are looking to get back out west for trips.

The big question that I wanted to ask LC200s forumites is how much is it costing you per year for maintenance and how much do you expect it to cost you per year projecting out into the future? It doesn't matter if you've souped up your rig or not, I just want to get some ballpark estimates (the higher the sample size the better). Also, I got a quote from my insurance company and they were telling me 1200 every 6 months for auto insurance, this covers 100 deductible comp, 250 deductible for collision, emergency road service, car rental and travel expenses, uninsured motor vehicle, medical payments, and bodily and property damage liability. That's pretty high, compared to the high 600 I pay now for the VW. Any wise words on how to save on insurance but keep up the good coverage.

Thanks for any help and hopefully I didn't cause any issues with my posting?
Since you are buying a 2015/2016 you won't have any maintenance really for a while.

I have umbrella coverage. My deductible is $1500, and my premiums are significantly lower than what you are quoting. But geography, how many cars, etc , and driving record all come into play.

We have two 200 now (One LC and one LX). Aside from fluid changes, filters, tires, which are routine maintenance, the big one is the T belt and water pump. On my 100 cost is about $1500 (if you don't do it yourself). All belts, water pump, seals etc. Same as my LS. For the mileage we drive, that big service is once every 5 years.

Petrol is the highest cost for the vehicle, but I knew that going in.

Good luck. One of the best vehicles around. Way better than a LR/VW products.
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Tires, oil changes, brakes, 90k service soon for me. All just normal car stuff. Budget $1-2 k a year. Keep in mind a good set of tires are 1k on their own. It all averages out.

There are unexpected repairs like any car.

Water pump

Anything could happen, but that is the case with any car. Good luck with your decision.
Getting close to 70k on mine and the only maintenance needed is oil & filter (every 5k), brake pads, serp belt & tires. I have my mech drive the truck every time I take it in hoping he finds something else.
The 200 doesn't have a timing belt, so that expense is nill. Most people that have done water pump, starter, radiator are at 120K miles or more. If you are looking at 2015/ 2016, there won't be much maintenance required.

Insurance on these beasts is high due to the replacement value and cost of repairs. search the threads for "why 200 cost so much" you will see the quality of parts that go into making the 200 maintenance free for 100k miles or more. (not literally of course) but insurance companies will have to pay for the more expensive parts in case of an accident, ergo, higher premiums. One way to save money on insurance would be to look at a 2013 or 2014. Find a southern/western 2013, with less than 100K and pocket the savings. Raise you deductible to 1000$ and pay less each month. Let your money work for you, not the insurance company...they have plenty.
This is some really good information, thanks for the advice and the knowledge. Any thoughts on what to look for when it comes to used LC 200s from a dealership? I was reading some of the posts and saw one person had a tough go at it with the dealer. They were giving him hell, e.g windshield, brakes, etc. saying that they had the brakes had to be worked on and they the windshield was original/OEM but it wasn't.
I'd say that question applies to buying any used car. Look for 1-owner, low miles, and where it's (been) located (rust). There's another thread I had started (picked up my 2013 not too long ago) which has a few recent purchase prices from owners on here willing to share. They are all over the board based on year and miles but provide you a good starting point.
at 70k miles now on my 2013, only maintenance costs have been oil changes and front brakes... Well and lift kit, wheels, tires, sliders:D
at 70k miles now on my 2013, only maintenance costs have been oil changes and front brakes... Well and lift kit, wheels, tires, sliders:D
When did you go for new brakes? Replace with oem or something else? If I remember correctly we bought our 200s new pretty close together and I just hit 30k miles... I need to get out more!
When did you go for new brakes? Replace with oem or something else? If I remember correctly we bought our 200s new pretty close together and I just hit 30k miles... I need to get out more!
I replaced front rotors and pads, original equipment around 60k(I think about $230)
30,000 miles wow, yours is brand new still:D

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