Eshom point work weekend

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Nov 10, 2011
I will be leaving lemon cove at 6:00 am Saturday 7-9-16 for Eshom Point for our work weekend if anyone wants to follow me up that would be great. Please remember to have work boots, long sleeve shirt , long pants & Gloves and your lunch.

See you Saturday Am

Huge Thankyou to all who helped with the project, Wesley, Aaron, Dave, Jerry, Aaron B. and all the USFS crew.
Volunteers Assist to Protect Natural Resources

DUNLAP, CA July 13, 2016 – Last Saturday, seven volunteers assisted the Sequoia National Forest by helping install barriers to prevent illegal off-highway vehicle (OHV) use in the Hume Lake Ranger District, Giant Sequoia National Monument. The volunteers were from the Central Valley Crawlers, a volunteer group that assists with many different OHV projects in the District.
Last Saturday’s project was in the Eshom Staging Area where barriers were installed to delineate the parking area used for loading and unloading OHV’s. The barriers will help protect natural resources by keeping OHV users on legal routes, especially during the winter months.

“After a full day’s work, more than half of the barriers were installed,” stated Acting District Ranger Carol Hallacy. “This group has helped the District for the past five years and they continue to take on additional projects, they are a wonderful asset for the District.”
Aloha Mr. FJrome

Wow , great article & very high praise for CVC. Thanks for posting it up for us.

Nice job guys !

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