Engine mount orientation.

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Jul 23, 2008
Long Beach, CA
The upper metal cradle of the engine mounts.
To the front & to the rear, one side has a notch, the other side has no notch/cut out, it’s just straight all the way across.

The pins & threaded bolt sticking out of mounts will only allow it to orientate one dirction in the cradle, but it’s not obvious if cradle is directional.

I should have looked, or taken a picture prior to removal, but I didn’t. Can anyone clarify?
Should the notched side be towards the front bumper, or rear bumper? And do both (passenger & driver) go the same way?

I checked my parts/dismantled rig, they do not orient the same direction. But drivers side on parts car is opposite from drivers side in my rig.
So I’m really confused as those haven’t been moved by me yet.

Mount definitely needed replacing. I’ll attach picture. ‘96 with 235,000 miles.

On a side note, I jacked up oil pan, but apparently didn’t use a big enough piece of wood to spread the load. Do you guys think I messed up my oil pick up?
I will remove oil pan & swap with my parts car. Just wanted to know before I get in there.

So looking online at the parts diagrams...
It looks like the metal plates above the engine mounts (circled in red) have the “notch” facing forward (notch traced in blue)

Any input about location of oil pickup, or how to tell if damaged, when I remove lower oil pan?
Just looking at google images, I might not be able to remove pickup unless I remove upper aluminum oil pan.
I really don’t want to remove upper pan if not necessary.
So the drivers side was backwards from the schematic. Notch was to the rear.

Everything is bolted in & torqued to spec.

From the condition of both front mounts, replacing just because I had exhaust & coolant lines disconnected, I decided to order the trans mount too.

Both were separating, compressed, & cracked.

Drivers side mount:


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