Engine Idle question?

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Jan 29, 2012
Charleston, SC
I have a 97 fzj 80 with 188k on it. Everything has been dandy up until something weird happened today.... I had started it up to go over to a neighbors place and it ran fine, just right up the road. It started fine again when i left but when I got home and pulled in and came to a stop in DRIVE, the rpms droped really low, like to 400 or maybe even less, to the point where i felt like it could stall, when i put it in park it hardly went to 500. I started it several times and put it in and out of gear and reved it but still did the same thing. I was very low on gas so i thought that might had been it. Filled up all the way and filled it 21 gals, so it wasn.t empty. i started it and reved it a bit and it did idle alot better. Around 800 in P and 500 in D or R, but in gear thats lower then what its been before. idk whats goin on, weird. is there an idle adjustment screw i should play with?
I would first check for split/cracked missing vacuum hoses and intake hoses..
600-800 in P. and its idling steady, not jumping. it was just weird how the rpms went really really low

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