Electrical upgrade FJ40

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Dec 28, 2005
Fairfield, CA
Just wanted to post a thanks for all the advice you all gave me about rewiring my 65 Cruiser. I used an EZ 21 wiring harness for GM. Took lots of notes and was able to do the job over the weekend. Worked perfect the first time. I wish all my projects turned out this well.

Thanks again, Dave
A few things to keep in mind; Check all lights and switches before starting project, that way when testing the completed wiring job you take that variable out of the equation. My ignition switch was bad, replaced it and all worked great.

I used a EZ 21 wiring harness, much cheaper then Painless (Ebay 115.00 plus 15.00 shipping), very easy to understand. One thing don't throw out or sell your old harness untill the new system is working, I used the old one for reference.

Take notes and follow instructions. I bought bulk heat shrink for a clean and semi waterproof look. Also rerouted most of my lines along the frame making it much easier to remove fenders if I need to work on the engine.

Don't secure wires until you finish checking the system you will save time in the long run. The whole project took about 10 hours to install and 1 hours of trouble shooting over two days. This was my first time wiring a rig, I am sure someone with more experence and help could finish it alot faster. Boy it is nice to have bright lights again.

If I can help anyone else just let me know.
Thanks DJ, I had actually been looking at that one myself and wondered why it was so much less than the painless harness. You answered that question. And good point on checking the lights, etc. I could see myself using a lot of 4 letter words and thowing a few volt meters because of a bad bulb!

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