Eldorado National Forest FEIS is Out

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Dec 29, 2002
Walnut Creek, CA


Just got home from work and in the mail was a copy of the Record of Decision. Unfortunalety I have not had time to look at it but should this weekend...I think.

Link to Final Statement Eldorado National Forest - Eldorado National Forest - Projects & Plans - Travel Management - Final EIS
USDA Forest Service
Eldorado National Forest
100 Forni Road, Placerville, CA 95667
Date: March 31, 2008 Contact: Frank Mosbacher
Release: Upon Receipt Phone: 530-621-5268
TTY 530-642-5122
Eldorado National Forest Motorized Routes Designated
Placerville, CA….. Today, Forest Supervisor Ramiro Villalvzao signed his decision designating a
total of 1,847 miles of roads and trails open for motorized public use in the Eldorado National
Forest. The decision follows two and one half years of environmental analysis and public
The long anticipated decision also creates a seasonal closure of dirt roads from January 1 to
March 31 and allows visitors to safely park their vehicles one car length off a designated route.
Villalvazo’s decision adds to the environmental protection of meadows, watersheds, wildlife
habitats, and other sensitive areas, and provides quiet recreation opportunities.
“I am pleased to say that we have a new starting point for travel management within the
Eldorado National Forest,” said Villalvazo. “My decision is designed to provide access where it is
important to Forest visitors and to protect Forest resources. I know we won’t get it exactly right the
first time, however, one key to implementing the plan is the opportunity to make changes.”
The newly designated route system will add to the conservation of the Forest environment
and provide motorized access for the public. Villalvazo says his final decision met the standards
and guidelines found in the Forest’s Land and Resource Management Plan, minimized impacts to
meadows, and reduced impacts to stream courses and riparian habitat.
“The selected routes will add to visitor’s recreational experience in the Forest,” said
Villalvazo. “We worked to create a diversity of public motor vehicle opportunities for visitors
with ATVs, motorcycles, four wheel drives and other high clearance vehicles, and passenger cars.
Eldorado NF – Motorized Routes Designated 2
We created loops where we could, with the use of existing routes; we gave attention to maintaining
access to interesting areas, and we provided access for dispersed recreation where it was
environmentally possible.”
This summer the Forest Service will continue to allow motor vehicle use on routes
displayed on the same free Motor Vehicle Use Restriction map that’s been available at all
Eldorado National Forest offices since August 2005. Villalvazo said changing maps after the
summer recreation season is over will be the least disruptive to visitors and give them more time to
learn about the changes.
The new 2009 motor vehicle use map will display the 1,847 miles designated today plus
334 miles of county roads and state highways and 311 miles of routes previously designated in the
Rock Creek area near Georgetown.
Today’s decision allows public motorized use on 1,002 miles of dirt roads and 210 miles of
trails; and 635 miles of paved roads suitable for passenger cars. Cross country travel is prohibited.
The decision also prohibits public wheeled over the snow travel on the following routes: all
designated snow mobile routes and cross country ski trails in the Eldorado National Forest;
Mormon Emigrant Road from the junction of Silver Fork Road southeast to the Iron Mountain
SnoPark at Highway 88; and Loon Lake Campground Road; Chipmunk Bluff Road and Robbs
Peak Road.
Villalvazo said that the three month closure of dirt roads during the historically wet months
(January through March) is intended to protect road surfaces and prevent other environmental
damage. The Forest Supervisor has the option of closing the roads sooner or leaving them closed
longer if weather conditions warrant a change.
“One of our goals during the environmental analysis was to be responsive to what we
learned from the thousands of people who took time to share their insights and information,” said
Villalvazo. “Comments and suggestions we received were used to refine our analysis and guide the
modification of an alternative which I selected for my decision.”
Eldorado NF – Motorized Routes Designated 3
The Forest Service will continue to recruit and welcome people to join the many
individuals and organizations currently volunteering to help care for Forest routes.
Four open houses are planned for anyone interested in learning more about the decision at
the following locations: El Dorado County Fairgrounds, Placerville –April 5, 9 AM – 3 PM; South
Lake Tahoe Community College – April 10, 3 PM – 8 PM; Diablo Canyon Community College,
Pleasant Hill – April 12, 9 AM – 3 PM; Amador County Board of Supervisor Office, Jackson –
April 17, 3 PM - 8PM.
The Forest Supervisor’s decision, final Environmental Impact Statement, maps, and details
about the open houses are posted on the Eldorado National Forest website at:
Eldorado National Forest - Welcome!.
From a brief scan of the document, they chose a modified Plan B, which was not the most restrictive option proposed. Still, a lot of trails will be closed. I'll have to see some maps to see what all gets closed... THe plan gets implemented the 2009 season.
Well they denied all appeals to the modified B map. That means the map stands as realsed, uhm, do you realize what is to be closed???? Most of your favorite trails.

Really, take the time to cross reference the map route #'s with the names of trails and you realize that all those FSroute# are the trails we use, or the dirt roads to the trail head, or the road used to get off the trail, it is not good that absolutely zero appeals were added to the map. I mean basic use routes were not represented and we were told that it would be added under the appeal process. Well, those basic use roads were the acess and egress for the trails we use. I guess, in theory, you could helocopter your rig to the trailhead from the nearest parking lot.
If you check out this link, it will take you to the vast amount of "BS" that this has all generated.

Eldorado National Forest - Projects & Plans - Travel Management

The new map will be out Jan. of 09. It will also have all the restrictions for travel between Jan. and Mar. Hope you weren't planning on doing alot of snow wheeling:mad:

If anyone wants to get involved, there are many groups that are working with the FS to make this taste a a little better.

Friends of El Dorado
Friends of Eldorado National Forest - Home

Friends of the Rubicon
Rubicon Trail Official Home Page -- Friends of the Rubicon Trail Directory with big trucks and big rigs doing the rubicon trail

and many more.

We can work with the FS and some of these trails might show back up on the map. Its a long haul but it cant hurt to try.

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