EGR VSV re-routing?

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Jun 23, 2009
San Francisco
So, i'm ready to make my code 71 go away and I believe its the VSV for the EGR that's the problem. I'm kind of not loving to have to un-bury the dang VSV to find out that it wasn't it.

So I was wondering if anyone has re-routed the VSV to a more convenient place without taking the TB off to get at it?
I have smallish hands and was thinking I could pull the 3 Vac lines off it, pull the connector off and route it towards the front of the engine with extended vac lines.

If it's too burried,I'd pull the TB and maybe re-route anyways for the future. I was reading the FSM and in it for testing the VSV it has you touch the body of the VSV while checking resistance on the connector. If I re-route it, will I have to make sure its well grounded?

Thanks for any input on this.
btdt just make a small bracket to bolt it to the side of the intake plenum. did that on a buddy's car because we didn't feel like reaching upwards with two feet of extensions.


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