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Dec 13, 2007
The other day I popped my hood and was just staring at my engine trying to lean as much as I can about what things are and how they work. (I know little to nothing about auto mechanics) I would follow a hose to see where is went, or a wire etc... I firgured out a few things.

But I noticed something that got my attention. I think it is th e intake manifold. It's the large piece of grey/silver metal that has the red EFI on it. I noticed that all the gaskets appeared to be new. And a copper colored fitting on the driver's side that is shape like a diamond with two bolts that have 6 stamped on them also appeared to be new. I kept looking around and the throttle cable and housing also look to be very clean. I have done a few good steam cleanings of the engine lately, but these parts look too clean to be 200,000 miles old.

The PO made no mention of having anything rebuilt. But I think he only had the truck for about 7000 miles. Any ideas as if anything has been done based on the info I porovided?
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A picture is worth a 1,000 words.
I know it is, but I am as about as educated with posting pics as I am with engines.
Fiveo, heres what you got to do to post a pic. When you do a post, above the box that you type in you will see a bunch of symbols above it, there is a picture of a paper clip next to the happy face, click that and the rest is magic.


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