early column shift disassembly

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May 5, 2010
g'day punters; reckon this is my first ever post on the 40 page though i have been hanging out with all the early crew geeks over on the 25 and 45 pages for a number of years.

anyway the crux of my question is thus:

i have an early column shift mechanism belonging to a 61fj40fst. it is one siezed solid lump from top to bottom and i need to get it apart and unsieze without damage because this old stuff is very very rare in rhd (australia).

anyone had this stuff apart or can direct me to an appropriate thread?


this old 40 is among the oldest couple remaining 40 series in the world. it is very very rusty but i dont give a toss about that. i have never cared for bodywork; my enjoyment is simply in the mechanical tinkering at budget $0. my thread on the 25 page is called 'look what i found'. perhaps someone can put a link to that; i dont know how but then im a bit of a technospaz. theres a bit more info and discussion there and some nice parts diagrams on page 7 of that thread (courtesy of mudder old red).

any help on this one is much appreciated!!

A lot of acetone and automatic trans fluid mixed 50/50 will go a long way getting those parts unstuck . I would do it outside and wear gloves - the acetone is quite nasty to humans and also evaporates very quickly so it may be necessary to add more to your mix . A simple spray bottle that is compatible with chemicals usually works fine .
thank you sir for your comments and interest. i will try that recipe.

i have been doing some study on this and most components seem the same lhd v rhd. so considering importing a servicable lhd unit (at great expen$e to the managemant) to dismantle and hopefully make a rhd assembly from the 2 (as discussed in my other thread). just very very rare stuff in rhd.
g'day punters im still pondering all this and tinkering with the project (25 page).

I have now sourced a LHD assembly from a helpful mudder in the USA. it too is a bit seized. my aim is to make one RHD unit from the two and do a decent study of what internal components are different LHD v RHD; ie how it may be possible to convert them.

have been soaking these a bit but the actual disassembly procedure has me stumped.

there is an early and later style but this is a pretty mute point. im sure the principles for disassembly don't vary a great deal between the two styles.

has anyone had either generation of this assembly (pictured above) apart?? or can direct me to a thread where someone has??

landcruiser column shift equipment of any description is extremely rare in Australia so I want to get this right with as little damage as possible.

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Mr Lost Marbles Sir
We're do you get all these amazing photos from?
Cheers Peter

...via IH8MUD app
Mr Lost Marbles Sir
We're do you get all these amazing photos from?
Cheers Peter
...via IH8MUD app

My obsession with 40-series Land Cruisers ever since my teenage years has led me to collect quite a lot of Toyota documentation relating to them Peter.


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