e-brake shoe replacement

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Jul 11, 2008
London, UK & Lusaka, Zambia
Hi guys, '96 80's rear brakes making some (light) scraping noises, done the pads (very thin), no change regarding the noise, figure it's probably the e-brake shoes worn out / spring broken in there or somesuch.

Doing a search looks like it's quite a job to remove the rotor/drum - do I have to actually take the axle out, or is it just the drive flange - 6 (or 8 ?) cone washers / nuts ?

I see reference to a special tool to remove a lock nut - do I need this just to get to the brake shoes ? If so can one improvise such a tool ?

I've stripped my front on all three 80s, but never looked at the rears before....

Thanks in advance - JB
You do not have to remove the axle or flange to service the p-brake, just caliper and rotor.
I recommend looking in the 80's FAQ for Posers e-brake write up. Very detailed with pic's.

Good luck! Steve
Excellent, got it thanks... Posers thread is good - missed that completely !

I looked at mine and I couldn't see the join line between the rotor and the spigot, so I figured it was one piece....

Thanks again, JB
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