Dunlop Rover MT Maxx Trac

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May 7, 2005
South Jordan, UT
Another new tire.
Haven't found much info or availability on this one so far. But here's a photo:


Similar in concept to the new MTR.
chimyz said he likes them but they suck at high speed.

This looks like a tire I would put on my Tundra, not the 80.
Are there any new opinions on this tire? Its been out for a while and looks like a good choice. Tirerack doesn't show many options for us on the 80s 16 inch wheels.
They look like more of an all terrain than they do a mud terrain, I'm personally thinking about getting the BFG M/T KMn because I want to keep 15" weels, and the duratracs don't come in a 35x12.50x15
I tried to get a set of these today. Dunlop is owned by Goodyear. These have been discontinued in lieu of the Wrangler Dura Tracs. They just did not sell. Too bad. I love my old school Mud Rovers.

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