DUI distibutor install

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Nov 16, 2014
I replace my old stock distributor with a DUI electronic distributor on a 2F. I found TDC on the compresion stroke and but the distributor in so the rotor points to number one. The engine starts right up and runs good as long as i hold the throttol open. I cant get it to run at idel or the 650 rpm recommend to set the timeing . It was suggested to me that i need to adjust the idel screw on the carborator. I really hate to mess with the Carborator because a couple of years back I sent the carb in to Jim C. who did a fantastic rebuild and set so it bolted in and run great. Its allways run great. Would i have to adjust the fuel mix to get the thing to idel?
The idle "Speed" screw just holds the throttle open a bit. Has nothing to do with mixture. That's another screw. Just turn in the idle "Speed" screw to keep it running (650 rpm) so you can check the timing. As you get the timing closer to right on, the idle may go up and you'll need to back out the screw to bring the rpm back down so the centrifugal advance stays at rest. You may have to go back and forth a few times. Don't forget to disconnect & plug the vacuum advance line.
If you don't see your timing mark in the window you may have to just rotate the dizzy back and forth a few degrees to get it closer to timed, to see it in the window. Just remember where you started from in case you stall it and need to go back to your starting position so you can start it again.
Also make sure your idle fuel cut off solenoid is still connected/working and it the wire didn't get knocked off during your dizzy change out.
I , and others, have found that when the DUI the timing seems ideal advance a little beyond the 7° BB. 11-12° seems best. Try it out.

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