Driving lights

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Dec 13, 2017
Ohio, United States
Has anyone used fyrlyt driving lights first hand?
Ive seen the YouTube videos and seen the comparisons but are they actually good in the real world?
I was thinking about putting the fyrlyt luxsis 5000 on my 80series (between the headlights on the ARB bar) and wire them in like a high beam... I'm wanting something with more long range power to compliment my halogen headlights (slee relay harness and John Deere bulbs, made a big difference) ... I do prefer the warmer color of the halogen bulbs vs led especially for long drives, but I don't wanna throw money away on a inferior product.

I was thinking the luxsis would be better so it's not stupidly bright when I do happen across another vehicle that pops over a hill in the distance before I can get them shut off.

So are these lights worth the price?
Would I be better off using the nemesis 9000?
Is Baja designs still gonna be better?

Disclaimer; I have no intention of using them on busy roads or places they are not legal... However there's plenty of remote places where a longer range light would be very beneficial.

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