Drivers interior side door handle stuck open

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May 7, 2016
Decatur GA
I got out of my car this morning and the interior door handle is stuck in the open position. I can force it back down with a nice crack but it works. I know I am just going to have to go in there and root around, but before I did exploritory, I did not know where I might be looking first so the whole door does not have to come off. I don't like popping off more of those red plastic things that I have to. I could see them breaking or getting loose every time I pop them off.

Just a little background. I just fixed my outer door handle where the typical casting broke. Since I could not find one with a good color match, I globbed in a decent amout of epoxy putty around the break and it did wonders for the break. Time will tell how long it works. It did not seem to be in the way of anything.

I just installed the interior "squeegee" yesterday drivers side. I got it in, but for the life of me, I have no idea how to get inside the door to fold those tabs back over on the inside. It is just stuck in there vertically right now but looks and works fine. I am expecting problems later. While installing it, I lost it down the door between the window and had to fish it out with coathangers. I did not do any tugging. Came out pretty easy. But I suppose I could have hit something I was not supposed to.

Any ideas/experience with this problem?

Since this is a front door topic, I cannot get my front door to close without a good slam. I looked up some threads about adjusting the catch. My catch (on the car, not the door) does not have any real adjustment. It seems to bolt in place. I was hoping to move it in a little but it does not seem to have adjustment. That was the recommendation on other forum topics. I cannot see where else to make an adjustment.
My front passenger side door handle was doing the same thing after I removed and replaced the door panel. It ended up just being the plastic trim ring around the interior door handle catching it and keeping it open. I just trimmed a little bit of the edge of the trim ring that the handle was hitting.
I will take a look at that. I lost the screw on the plastic cover that covers the interior door handle. Maybe if I tighten up a screw in there it will help. It just snapped into place and I never worried about it. But at the same time, it has been happening since I got the truck.

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